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Brian is the owner and founder of Kettlebell Invictus.  Kettlebell Invictus is a full spectrum diet and physical training system that focuses on fat loss, building lean muscle mass, and development of explosive speed and power. The Kettlebell Invictus system is designed for busy working professionals  who don't have the time to commit to a traditional fitness program.  I help busy working professionals get in the shape of their life without taking over their lives.  Welcome.  

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The Invictus Story 

Hello and welcome.  Brian is the owner and founder of Kettlebell Invictus.  He has been married for 14 years and is a father of three.  He is a career fireman with 16 years of service and a business owner.  Brian has businesses in real estate, money services, and  the durable medical equipment industry.  

Brian developed the Kettlebell Invictus system out of necessity.  5 years ago he found himself where so many people find themselves.  Over-worked, over-fed, behind on sleep, and very overweight.  The combination of a busy career, small kids in the house, and a new business were taking their toll.  Extra time and money were in short supply for gym memberships, long workouts and expensive supplements.  Extra money was dedicated to baby formula and diapers.  Extra time was spent developing business and helping with the kids.  

Before long Brian found himself heavier than ever at 300lbs with dangerously high blood pressure and cholesterol to match.  His busy schedule made it implausible to follow a traditional  fitness program.  There weren't the hours to spend at the gym away from the home and business.  Pre-cooking, measuring, weighing, counting every calorie, and packing along every meal were also unrealistic.  There had to be another way. 

This was where the Kettlebell Invictus process was born.   A process for busy professionals to be able to not only get back into shape, but to stay in shape.  A process for serious working professionals, business owners, parents and others who don't have the time to dedicate to hours in the gym and meal prep marathons.


Brian developed this system to work into a busy family and work life.  A fitness regiment should fit around a life.  We should not bend our lives around our fitness regiment.  A good  program has to produce world class results, be easy to follow, simple to maintain,  and fit seamlessly between work and family life.  In essence it has to be completely non-intrusive.  It's  a completely new way of looking at fitness.  


This is the very nature of Kettlebell Invictus.  The processes we teach here are the same processes Brian developed to lose 80 lbs and keep it off.  And to normalize his blood pressure and cholesterol.  All while being present as a father and husband, working his busy career, and building his successful businesses.  


If anything you've read so far sounds familiar then you've come to the right place.  Kettlebell Invictus was created by busy professionals, for busy professionals.  We hope you will follow along with us on your fitness journey.  


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