Is Your Diet Failing You? Top Reasons Why.

The real reasons diets fail are: Time, Energy, and Priorites. Are you failing at your diet or is your diet failing you? Too many people get discouraged by complicated diet and exercise routines that never seem to produce the results they promise. If this is you you're not alone. Yo-yo dieting is an epidemic. The fitness industrial complex is a multi-billion dollar industry. Fortunes are made every day on the promises of six pack abs, beach bodies, and the next ground breaking diet and exercise fad that will change the world. So why hasn't it worked for you? Why hasn't it worked for very many people? There are some questions that you need to ask and answer before you go off on your next routine to lose weight and get in shape. Before you commit your hard earned money and precious time, ask if the program fits into your busy life? Is it enjoyable? Can you make it work along your other many obligations. We discuss all these important questions in this video. Check it out! Coaching: Gear: Patreon: Intro 02:10 Is Your Diet Failing You? 06:37 The 3 Most Common Issues 12:14 Time 17:05 Energy 20:17 Priorities 23:22 What Should You Do? 28:36 It Can Be Yours!

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