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Kettlebell Specific Workouts Designed To Develop Professional Level Strength, Power And Conditioning.

Kettlebell Programming

The Invictus Kettlebell Club Is A Members Only Program.  Workouts Updated Every Week. 

  • Weekly Workouts Designed Around Our 7 Key Movements:
  • The Swing, The Clean, Jerk, The Snatch, Overhead Press, Squat, and Thruster.
  • Developed To Promote Hip Speed & Power, Build Muscle, And Shred Fat.


Strength, Power & Conditioning

Our 3 Key Training Tenets And The Keys To True Functional Fitness. 

  • We Get You Stronger To Lift Heavier Weight. 
  • More Powerful To Move That Weight Harder And Faster. 
  • And Better Conditioned To Go Harder For Longer.


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  • Weekly Updated Workouts.
  • Weekly Updated Workout Videos.
  • Members Only Community.
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My name is Brian and I am the owner and founder of Kettlebell Invictus.  I am a husband, father x 3, career fireman, and business owner.  I have a passion for functional training that delivers results. 

I started The Invictus Kettlebell Club to be able to bring my training philosophy to other busy professionals who find themselves short on time and burned out on expensive fitness programs that don't work.


About Me

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Functional Kettlebell Workouts

The bedrock of our programming centers around our 7 core movements.  We don't train unnecesarily complicated or dangerous exercises.  The learning curve is low. The gains are high!


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Progressive 1 on 1 Training

Our world class kettlebell workouts will get you in the shape of your life.  We deliver 4 follow along video workouts per week you can do anywhere.  Build muscle, and shred fat wherever you are!


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Strength & Power

Strength is the foundation for everything we do.  Our weekly  programming includes: strongman workouts, grip strength workouts, and traditional weight lifting movements.  Get strong with us!


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Jake A.

"Just subscribed to your program last month.  The workouts are great!"

Michael O.

"The workouts are great and looking forward to everything the site has to offer!"

What Makes You Different Than All The Other Kettlebell Programs?

Many programs you'll find on the internet are good at programming exercises and prescribing workouts.  But they lack direction, purpose and clarity.  They don't answer the important question, "Why are you doing this?"

The Kettlebell Invictus program is specific to training for 3 things: Strength,  Power, and Conditioning.  Our workouts center around getting you stronger to lift heavier weights, more powerful to move that weight harder and faster,  and better conditioned to go harder for longer.

This is a program developed to get you ready to go live in the street or your chosen sporting event.  We are not interested in fancy workouts that look good on social media.  We are committed to quality workout programming to get you ready to go live, and ready to win.


Kettlebell Programming

World Class Kettlebell Workouts Updated Every Week.

Strength. Power. Conditioning.

Specific Workout Programming To Develop Your Overall Strength, Functional Power, & Endurance.

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  • 4 Weekly Kettlebell Workouts With Video.
  • Specific Programming For Strength, Power & Conditioning.
  • Weekly Gym Workout Programming.
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The Invictus Kettlebell Club is a members only training program.  Our workouts are designed for busy professionals to build muscle, shred fat, and develop explosive power and speed. 

No more wasting hours in the gym.  No more ineffective exercises or dangerous movements.  Join today and get access to our weekly workouts with videos, community, challenges and more!

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