Welcome To Kettlebell Invictus

Hello!  My name is Brian and I am the owner and founder of Kettlebell Invictus.  I am a husband, father x 3, career fireman, and business owner.  I have a passion for functional training that delivers results. 

I started The Invictus Kettlebell Club to be able to bring my training philosophy to other busy professionals who find themselves short on time and burned out on expensive fitness programs that don't work.

Function First

The bedrock of the Invictus training philosophy is that function comes first.  I believe in training the body the way it was designed to become more powerful, more explosive and more efficient.

We train for live events to get real results.  We train to deliver power on target.  No useless exercises.  No over complicated, dangerous workout schemes.

Train To Go Live.  Train To Win!

We train to go live and we train to win.  We get you ready to attack your sport or live event.  And come out on top. 

The Invictus Kettlebell Club is designed to get you stronger, faster and better conditioned where it counts.  No useless or dangerous exercises.  Our programming is designed to:

  • Get you stronger to lift more weight.
  • Make you more powerful to move that weight harder and faster.
  • Better conditioned to go harder for longer.

A Program That Fits Into Your Life

Most fitness programs fail because they're too time consuming, and too intrusive on your busy life.  You have priorities and obligations beyond spending hours at the gym.  You have families, businesses, careers and more.

This is the same programming I developed to lose 80lbs and keep it off.  And to kick my high blood pressure and cholesterol.  All while maintaining my family, my business and my career.

Take back control over your time and over your fitness.  Join The Invictus Kettlebell Club and get a killer workout that delivers results wherever you are.

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