Strength Camp


What Is Strength Camp?

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A 10 Week Program To Get Measurably Stronger

Strength Camp is a kettlebell specific program designed to get you progressively stronger over 10 weeks.  Modeled after classic strength and power lifting programs, Strength Camp is designed specifically  for kettlebells.  Progressive programming and classic movements to build muscle and world class strength!

  • 10 Weeks Of Progressive Training.
  • 4 Video Workouts Per Week.
  • Kettlebell Specific Workouts.  You Only Need One Bell.
  • Based On Classic Powerlifting Programming.
  • And Our Classic Strength Movements: The Overhead Press, Squat, Thrusters, Clean & Jerk, Snatch, Rows, Pushups & Burpees.
  • Available Right On Your Phone!  

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