Welcome To The Invictus Kettlebell Club!


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Find out what you can expect from the Invictus Kettlebell Club.  It's only a few minutes long.  I promise not to waste your time!


What's In The Club?

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  • Getting Started
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  • Accessing Your Workouts



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Welcome To The Invictus Kettlebell Club!

Quick Recap:

1. Log in to the website: www.kettlebellinvictus.com

2. Visit The "Start Here" Page

3. Go to the "Library" tab

4. Click "Enter The Club"

5. Join The Community

6. Add www.kettlebellinvictus.com to your Mobile Home Screen

6. Download the app! - Click the blue bar at the top of the page to download. 

7. Download the Kajabi app 

8. Download the Kajabi Communities app (this takes you directly to the workouts)

9. You're in!  I look forward to working with you!

Welcome To The Club!

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